Videos will describe innovative projects and techniques, usually related to my woodworking hobby.
Emphasis will be on conservation, economy and sustainability: reuse, recycle, reset, repair, reinvent…….
Videos will not preach, “Use safety glasses, hearing protection, steel toed boots……..”. You must  appreciate that power tools can be dangerous if misused. Compliance with safety instructions in Operator’s Manuals is strongly recommended.

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  1. Carl, will your revised flip top tool stand plans be made available soon?

    1. The currently available plans are for a revised flip top tool stand.

  2. A friend of mine just “gave” me his Grand Fathers ShopSmith 10ER because he knew I would begin using this great tool (everything intact). That being said, to learn more about the ShopSmith 10ER I began doing research on the internet, which lead me to Carl’s video (Part 2) and ultimately the Carl Holmgren Woodworking Web site. I love the stand that Carl created along with the adjustment mechanism and would LOVE to get the plans ASAP.

    1. Thanks for the comments and the question. Publishing plans for the 10ER stand is down the road a while. I do have some preliminary drawings and measurements for the stand that I could send if that would help.


  3. Carl you are awesome! I just wsh I had time to do some your projects. Im currently working, going to school to be an FNP and I still in Navy Reserves each month. I have 4 Shopsmith ER’s that I acquired over the years and love your stand. Quick access probably give me access to doing the projects. Your Shopsmith ER stand wound suit me well.
    Thanks for the videos

  4. Hi Carl I’m from Las Vegas NV, I just came to you site and i’m so impress. Wow your a great craftsman. I just retire at 65 and I always like to work with wood. I’m turning my two car garage to a small work shop for myself to have fun with. I’m pretty good with doing projects. My Dad was a carpenter and he was good, I guess it fell on me to. I like the plans on your cabinet on your miter saw, retractable wheels for all your ease moveable tools. Let me know when I can buy your plans soon cause I want to start working on them. Also pleas keep me inform on all your great projects to come. Thank you for sharing your great work. Bob

  5. Please connect back to me if I did this right.

  6. I have four different retractable caster arrangements I used in my garage shop. They are all different. Three are toggle mechanisms, and the fourth uses “tipping casters” similar to your designs. I have four other machine tools I need to make mobile. Now, after viewing your video, I am also going to mobilize three other, and much heavier, tools. Being a mechanical engineer, and having done a fair amount of machine design, I can say that I wish that we had worked together. Your designs indicate to me that you are most likely as clever, logical, and resourceful as your designs. My compliments to an outstanding designer and craftsman. Thank you.

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