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  1. Hello there. I just purchased your plans for the Flip top and it’s incredible. I was wondering if you knew if one sheet of three-quarter inch plywood and will get it done. And do you have any recommendations for size of hardwood that would finish the project. Thanks. Joe

    1. One sheet of plywood is lots, four board feet of hardwood, more if you ad hardwood facing to plywood as in plans.

  2. Mr. Holmgren; I will be purchasing a Grizzly G0690 table saw that weights 530lbs. I want to install the ingenious apparatus that raises, lowers and moves your equipment. I want to install two casters on each side. The question I have is what size casters would I need? Most of the casters that are raided at 120-165lbs each, measures from top of caster mounting plate to bottom of wheel is 4″, could I get by with this type of caster?

    Ron Doebler

    1. My wood lathe weighs 660 Lbs, I had to use cast iron casters, 3 inch diameter, load rating 500 Lbs each; Other casters might have carried the load but they were to hard to push. my casters look like this

  3. Mr. Holmgren,

    I saw your video regarding your ShopSmith 10ER stand and speed control – it’s great! A friend of mine just gave me his grandfathers ShopSmith 10ER and I would like to get the plans for both the speed control and stand. Any idea when you will have these plans ready?

    Thank you in advance!
    John Jordan

  4. When you complete your Disc/Belt sander plans I would like to purchase them.

  5. Hi Carl,
    I was looking for a solution to raising a new work bench that I’ve built and came across you video on all your shop caster lifts
    I’ve been driving my self nuts trying to figure out a way to lift a work bench
    It about 4″ 3 I between the base of the trestle style legs
    I’ve tried fixing the casters and making a shaft the cross ways that didn’t work so I split them like so many of your and ran a shaft the long way I tried making a out of round disk fixed to rotate down to flatten the wheel trolley no luck
    I must be missing something as to where the fulcrome should be
    Maybe the fulcrome should be to the one side
    Any ideas for a long table lift in your style please email me thanks

  6. will the fliptop cart accommodate just one item such as a dewalt planer. My need is to store the cart under a bench to conserve space
    Thanks for the great stuff.


  7. Just wanted to let you know I just purchased your plans for the 6 mobile bases. Just found your channel and am enjoying it. Hope you are able to add more content!

  8. Hi,
    I finished the retractable casters for table saw, recently. I made a few changes. The 8″ flange hinges call for in the plan a way too big, I used 4″ flange hinges(The measure 8″ when open). This failed after about a month of use (Bent) so I replaced them with 3.5 standard hinges. Also the hardwood attached to the pedal I uped it to 1.25 square. Also moved the swivel casters to the back and fixed casters to the front of the saw. I am very happy with the results. Thank you for creating these plans!!

  9. Great ideas and nice video about cedar planters! Aside from the planters I got some great ideas about table saw sleds. Maybe you could make a video about them. Runners attached to thin sled base is attractive. The base looks advantageous because it is light weight. How do you attach the runners to the thin, looks like 1/4 inch thick, base? Must be wood runners attached with glue. Also great idea to have holes in the back fence to make the sled light. Finally, nice idea to have holes and associated bolt and wing nuts to have detachable blocks on the sled for alignment. Thanks!

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