High Chair-Childs Chair Plans

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High Chair Features:

  • Flexible design adapts to early childhood like a high chair with a sliding food tray and safety straps
  • As child grows, tray can be removed and seat lowered so child can sit at dining table with siblings and parents
  • Seat can be lowered further as child grows
  • A foot rest provides comfort for the child but also gives him/her something to climb on when she/he’s old enough to get in the chair him/herself.
  • Chair is quite stable. It has a wide stance with 6 pads under feet minimize the risk of tipping the chair.
  • Feet are removable to reduce bulk for storage.
  • Hardwood construction; should last for generations
  • Disassembly deterrent lock tabs discourage athletic children from disassembling the chair. Lessens unnecessary garnering of parts and reassembly.
  • Light weight, easily moved.

With high chairs there is some risk of injury from the child either tipping the high chair or from standing up on the seat and falling out.
We respectfully ask that if you purchase our plans and build this chair, you assume the responsibility for determining if you can build and use the chair safely.


* Once you click the link on the Paypal page, it will then say “you will be redirected in 10 seconds” this will re-direct to a download page. An email is also delivered at that time to your Paypal email address with the same downloadable links to the plans, please check your email for it. Please also check your spam folder we have had a few customers find the email in there. If you do not get the download please contact: support@carlholmgrenwoodworking.com we will send you a link.


Plans  Include:

Access to one 33 minute and one 23 minute unlisted video describing in full the construction of the High Chair

Downloadable 7 pages of drawings giving dimensions of all parts, locations of mortises and drillings, suggested outline of parts for best use of hardwood.

Downloadable 11 page description of the construction process with 50 pictures and explanations including a cut list, a shopping list and a tool list.


1 review for High Chair-Childs Chair Plans

  1. Bob

    Hi the high chair looks like a good idea. I am going to build one for the grandchildren

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