Retracting Casters Heavy Duty Wood Lathe Plans


This is 3 of 6 Caster System Plans that are available. You can purchase this set of plans or we have a package price available for all 6 sets of caster plans. Go Here to Purchase The Package: All 6 Caster Plans For Almost Half Price

Features of Retracting Casters – Heavy Duty Wood Lathe

  • Casters extend to jack the tool off the floor for easy movement; retract to allow the tool to rest solidly on its stand.
  • Casters extend to retract with a foot pedal, can be extended or retracted in about a second.
  • System remains with the tool, nothing to store or reattach.

2 Additional Plans Added To The Lathe Plans:

1- Steady Rest Plans:

These plans describe the construction of a lathe steady rest for my 18 X 47 Craftex brand lathe. Very similar 18 X 47 lathes are sold under the brands: Laguna, Grizzly, Knova, Bailaeigh, Hafco, Hans Schreiner and maybe others. A steady rest is an attachment with three or four adjustable rollers which provide extra support to large turnings held by a faceplate or chuck. Also, a steady rest my be used to support long delicate spindle turnings mounted between the lathe centers. My steady rest is a third generation design which uses four in-lline skate wheels sold at a surplus discounted price by Lee Valley Tools. These wheels are ideal fro a steady rest; they have a smooth, resilient, non-marring surface and they roll smoothly and quietly.

Description of Product:

Three pages of scale, two-demensional drawings
Four pages of test with 25 colour pictures which summarize the construction steps described in the Youtube video
A material and cut list with all wood and hardware materials and sizes listed
A lis to tools used in
the construction

2- Handwheel-Degree Wheel:

This plan describes construction of a combination handwheel-degree wheel for my Craftex brand 18 X 47 wood lathe. Very similar 18 X 47 lathes are made by the same factory under the brand names: Laguna, Grizzly, Knova,  Baileigh, Hafco, Hans Schreiber and possibly others.  The handwheel attachment is useful for rotating stopped turnings by hand for inspection and also for stopping rotating work without waiting for it to coast to a stop. Some high priced lathes have a hand wheel as standard equipment but most new lathes today do not have a hand wheel.

The degree wheel is useful for locking the headstock spindle at specific degrees of rotation so sections turnings can be embellished with routed flutes or multiple facets. Degree wheel attachments are available and there are also plans for making them.  My degree wheel is incorporated into the hub of the handwheel and provides markings for dividing one revolution into 360 degrees. The lathe spindle can be locked for six sided or twelve sided work with the factory provided lathe indexing pin or with a locking screw that brakes the headstock spindle or at any position by using a thumbscrew that tightens  on the hub of the handwheel.


Four pages of test with 21 colour pictures  which summarize construction described in the Youtube video
Two pages of two dimensional drawings with measurements

One page with two charts:

Degrees of rotation at which work can be locked using the factory indexing system Number of flutes or facets that can be indexed with factory system and number of flutes or facets that require use of thumbwheel brake
One page drawing of factory indexing system showing spindle indexing holes and headstock casting indexing holes. One page with materials list and tools used list.

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Plans Include.

Four Downloadable Files:

One Page Cut List, Materials List
One Page of step by Step Instructions with Color Images
Drawings with Details and Dimensions
Access to a x Minute YouTube Video Describing Construction from Start to Finish of Retracting Caster systems for Retracting Casters Heavy Duty Wood Lathe.