Retracting Casters ShopSmith/Belt-Disc Sander Plans

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This is 5 of 6 Caster System Plans that are available. You can purchase this set of plans or we have a package price available for all 6 sets of caster plans. Go Here to Purchase The Package: All 6 Caster Plans For Almost Half Price

Features of Retracting Casters – ShopSmith Belt-Disc Sander

  • Casters under each tool stand extend or retract in seconds with a handy foot pedal.
  • When the operating pedal is depressed and latched down, casters extend and the tool is jacked off the floor about 3/8″.
  • When the pedal is unlatched and released the tool stand lowers securely unto its own base for stable operation of the tool.
  • The caster system is compactly concealed within the tool base for ease of cleanup around the tool, Only the pedal protrudes from the base.
  • The sander has four fixed (non-swivel) casters under the base. The tool is normally moved only a few inches straight out of its parking spot when in use.
  • The ShopSmith stand has two rigid and two swivel casters. This allows the ShopSmith to be moved out of its parking spot and rotated so it can be lowered for horizontal operation.
  • System cost is minimal, four casters, two strap hinges, a few screws and a few pieces of plywood and hardwood.

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Plans Include.

Four Downloadable Files:

One Page Cut List, Materials List
Four Pages of step by Step Instructions with Color Images
Drawings with Details and Dimensions
Access to a 19 Minute YouTube Video Describing Construction from Start to Finish of Retracting Caster systems.

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  1. Robert

    This is fantastic Carl I can’t wait until I can get all the plans for the casters.

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