Wheel-Barrow Planter Plans


Description of Wheelbarrow Planter

This is a wood wheelbarrow intended for use as a planter. Its design hints that it might be an antique. Points that contact the ground are wrapped with galvanized metal strap. The wheel has a metal “tire” and the legs have a metal strap wrapped around the bottom end.

It is durable and rigid and will withstand much moving.
Construction is simple, the wheel hub is a one inch dowel wrapped with chamfered and tapered pieces of 2 X 2. The wheel rim is made of eight segments cut from a 2 X 4.  Spokes are hardwood dowels. The front and back legs extend to form the inside corners of the box.

An ogee trim pattern on the box sides further suggests an antique. The latest version was built with hand tools as demonstrated in the videos except for a saber saw and an electric drill. It is the latest of six evolving wheelbarrow projects. I am now satisfied with the size and proportions of the design.


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Plans Package Includes:

(6) Scale Drawings + 2 Youtube Private Instruction Videos
(6) Pages (55) color pictures with step-by-step instructions for
construction of the wheelbarrow project
(1) Cut List:  List of all wood, hardware components
(1) Shopping List
(1) Tool List – all tools used in construction


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