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Stand For Shopsmith 10ER Video

6 thoughts on “Stand For Shopsmith 10ER Video

  1. Carl…I have just recently started watching some of your you tube videos and have subscribed to your channel. Is there a way to get a more in-depth view into your retractable caster systems? I am new to wood working and can’t seem to grasp your concept just by watching the videos. I am extremely interested in putting retractable casters on all my tools and tables since I am also in a two car garage. Please help!

  2. Carl,

    You are my favorite youtube personality. Your workshop is the nicest I have ever seen. Extremely well thought out and functional. There is nothing in your shop I’m not impressed with, but my absolute favorite is your ductwork system. My favorite video is of you riding your bike. Since I am old enough to retire, but won’t, I am allowed to say this, “You are a terrific bike rider.” You probably love bikes as much as I do.

    I am extremely proud you will share your knowledge with others. Sharing knowledge has to be one of the best things a person can do.

    Best Regards,


  3. Carl,
    I’ve watched the video of your shopsmith stand many times. I have 4 of them, and your stand would be great to have. Please draw up your plans soon. Thanks.

  4. I was hoping to see more details of building the retractable castors, but when I click on teh link above I get a video labelled ‘Dust Collection Duct and Gate System” which isnt of interest to me.

    How can i get to see the video I paid for as part of my plans purchase?

    1. Thanks carl. You sent me a corrected link and the video covers all the questions I had from looking at the drawings. I’m going to have to change quite a few of the dimensions to work in my project, so I had lots of questions as a result. The video covered all the questions I had.

      Now to sketchup to draw my version of it to fit my proejct.

      Thank you!

  5. Carl, I just want to thank you for sharing your ideas and plans with everyone. This is the first time that I viewed your casters on Youtube and I have to rethink my plans for the legs to my outfeed table to accept your retractable caster system. I have seen many systems and I believe yours is the best solution for my situation with my outfeed table. Thank you for sharing and your videos are and excellent source of information and a joy to watch. I wish you much success.

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